Love Baffins is a non-profit unincorporated association, set up in July 2014, which aims to bring the Baffins community together by:

  • promoting activities, facilities and services in the local area;
  • enabling people and organisations to share skills, ideas and resources and collaborate together on projects which benefit the local community;
  • raising awareness of local businesses, organisations, volunteering opportunities and charities (e.g. advertising, recruiting volunteers, joint fundraising activities, etc);
  • creating opportunities for local people to get involved and have a voice on the matters that concern them;
  • raising awareness of the support networks available to those in need in our community and to identify any gaps in provision;
  • developing events, projects and activities which both benefit the local community and raise money to enable us to achieve our aims;
  • remaining politically and religiously neutral in all our endeavours.

The LoveBaffins committee is made up of representatives from local community centres, churches, businesses, schools and voluntary organisations and meets 6-8 times a year at different locations around Baffins. If you’d like to get involved or find out more, email us at info@lovebaffins.org.uk

Our annual fundraising event is the Love Baffins Christmas Market, which takes place on the last Saturday in November every year, from 11am-3pm along Tangier Road, Portsmouth. All proceeds from the event are reinvested back into the local Baffins community via our community grants scheme, which is available to local Baffins residents and organisations who can apply for up to £500 funding to support a local project or event which directly benefits the Baffins community.